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Harry Christie, Sedona Luxury Real Estate Professional"Raised in the Philadelphia area, I later moved to various locations from California to Kansas during the first years of advanced education, while an officer in the United States Air Force and began a career in the computer software industry.  Moved to Phoenix in 1994 as a life goal to live WARM, one of those whose dream was the 120 degree summers J 

The Arizona outdoor lifestyle and the year round clement weather were a great change after decades of humidity, rain and blizzards (with the obligatory shoveling).  I collected classic cars from the 60’s to early 70’s, learning quite a bit more about problem solving along the way.  While beautiful, they did require a bit of tinkering.  OK, maybe not require – but it was fun. 

My personality seeks organization and structure, to break larger issues into discrete pieces and then solve each as quickly and efficiently as possible.  With multiple advanced science degrees and 25 years professional experience in the USAF and as an application design and systems analyst, doing this was simply part of a day’s work. 

This background served well in the Real Estate arena and in my chosen specialty of working with Buyer and Seller’s to achieve their residential Real Estate goals. While each transaction has the same goal, each is also a journey of uncovering hidden details, dealing with surprises, hurdles and the unexpected road blocks in the smooth transfer of ownership.  With career long experience in problem solving, the ability to apply skills and techniques from earlier to the Real Estate transaction helps smooth the process.

I’m also continually taking continuing education courses, beyond the minimum required by the Arizona Department of Real Estate, to make sure I’m as well prepared as possible for each new client.  Every piece of information enhances knowledge of the ever changing process and accompanying forms.  The ultimate goal being to protect the interests of clients and customers in what is usually one of the largest investments of their lives."

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