Why Live in Sedona ...

Working in the airline industry in my 20’s I traveled extensively.  It’s funny, before doing so I regarded Sedona, the Verde Valley, and Arizona in general, as not anything special.  After visiting most states in the Union, living for a time in Colorado and California, enjoying multiple vacations in Hawaii and extensively touring Europe on two occasions, I have come to embrace the unique beauty and lifestyle that simply suits me in this amazing small town/city of Sedona. I have been told my personality is enigmatic because I am drawn to so many different styles of being. 

Sedona, ArizonaSedona is for the person who “loves it all” but has advanced taste and an attraction to fine things.  The outdoor experience is supreme and always accessible. Even on those days when I don’t have time to hike the Canyon, walk the path around Bell Rock or dip my toes in the crystalline waters of Oak Creek, the beauty finds its way into my being and makes my daily living experience a wondrous adventure.

Why Sedona? It isn’t too large to have significant traffic congestion and you’ll find you are frequently encountering people you know. You never feel lonely when there are so many familiar and friendly faces. It isn’t too small. For its size, Sedona has some of the finest restaurants and cultural events in the West.  I am sure the demographics show a higher than average income level for residents of Sedona.  A community largely comprised of more affluent residents has translated into full-on support of fine dining, a performing arts center, chamber music and an annual film festival which grows in popularity each year.

Why Sedona? I can live in fresh air and astounding beauty at every turn, and yet, Phoenix and Scottsdale for the Phoenix Sky Harbor International airport, high fashion shopping, distinctive and luxurious venues, professional baseball, football, hockey and water sports are only an hour and a half away. An hour to the North, Flagstaff (and beyond, the infamous Grand Canyon) provide cool summer getaways to forested mountains, lakes and a Colorado-like earthiness with mind blowing ski options in the winter.

Oak CreekTemperatures are moderate in Sedona in which our hottest month (August) will find your skin gleaming with fresh perspiration and looking forward to the change of seasons in October when the Canyon becomes a rainbow of leaf colors along what has become known as “the most beautiful drive in America” - Oak Creek Canyon.

Our coldest winter month, (January) sees three-four dustings of snow and just enough so you are delighted when it begins to fall because you will never have the chance to accumulate enough to shovel and it melts as soon as the sun breaks through the clouds (usually the same day) leaving a white frosting on the town’s perimeter of red rock spires that will tempt you to stop your vehicle and snap away on your smart phone. 

In between the pendulums of these two seasons are eight months, yes, eight months of absolutely delightful weather during which you drive the car top down, sit on your deck late into the evening and sleep with the windows open and a breeze tickling your cheek as you dream.  A single sheet covers me while I sleep most of the year in Sedona.

Why Sedona?  Ok, this could sound sappy but, I swear, the people are really a special blend of interesting and friendly folks.  I have friends in Sedona who are gifted in the arts, ones who are incredible past and current leaders from a myriad of international industries, some who have no affection for material gain and some who have trophy everythings. Wow! It is always entertaining to go out and mingle in Sedona, whether it’s on a hike, a round of golf, to the grocery or the clinic for a flu shot. The people you will meet will amaze and delight.

Why Sedona? It feels like home. I am fourth generation Arizonan and am genetically connected to stories of lumberjacks who blazed the forest roads, miners who located copper in the mountains, politicians, pioneers and law enforcement men and women throughout our great state.  When I summarize Sedona it collects the images of history, unspeakable beauty, personal enjoyment and future potential to be even better for future generations.

Maybe a better question would be: Why anywhere but Sedona?!